FCYG and Student Huddles

FCYG (Franklin County Community Youth Group) is a once-a-month worship gathering for Jr. and Sr. High Students hosted at RedLife but led and attended by a network of local churches, leaders, and youth groups.  Dates sometimes vary so be sure to follow FCYG on Insta and Facebook for updates!!!

STUDENT HUDDLES are a place for students to relate, encourage, pray, ask questions, and just check-in with each other.  Led by trusted adult leaders, girls and guys huddles meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 PM at the church.

At RedLife we don’t just want to “have a youth group”.  WE ARE A YOUTH GROUP!  We consider students a vital part of the life of our church and want to make what we do as a church as impactful for them as it is for mom and dad!